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S.K.Surya – student from robo station

I have completed the Grade 1 course , it was very good. I believe this would be helpful for my future.

Swarnalatha – mother of R.Shanmugasundar

I would like to inform that the course was induced good and got some transformation in my son’s approach. He could identify his strength and explore his perseverance . I hope it is a beginning and shall go further with his enrolment in next grades of robotic courses.

A.Balasubramanian – student from a robo station

I found my potential in handling electronic devices with the help of this course. The teachers helped me in learning about many concepts in robotics. It was a wonderful experience for me being a part of this class.

B.Dinesh – student from robo station

I like this class so much. I have enjoyed by learning robotics. I have learned to take a self study about different type of robots and various aspects of technology in today’s world.

A.Rahman - father of student Nabeesh

I am very happy about my child. I am thanking you that my son R.Nabeesh have learnt about robotics and he also felt very much interesting to join in next level robotics classes

S.Dheepa - Mother of student Keerthana.G

This course will be of great use for the students in future, because everything in our future will be connected with robotics by somehow.For this reason the course has given a great introduction.The vocation has been spent in a useful way.

G.Venkateswaran - Father of student Anusri

First if all i thank you very much for what you have done to my child in last two weeks. In these days she had very good experience. Daily she shares her experience with us.This course is very useful to her.

P.Senthilvel - father of student S.Abhinisha ,chennai

My daughter S.Anhinisha has undergone a training program in your organization for robotics.She was very happy during those days when she was in your lab.I believe this class is good corner for every students to learn robotics.I wish you all success.

P.Anbuchelvan - father of student Shanmugam.A

This robotic course made my son to learn about much more mechanical ,electrical and electronics components also to learn about how to use them to develop more robots.

Sathish - father of T.S.Pharanthama

My son is very interested in this course. This improves creativity of every students.I have seen my son very excited and deserving new ideas when he is in this class.I would like to bring him for next levels of robotics class also.Thank you very much.

Srinidhisrinivasan - student from SSM school, T nagar

I am very happy that i have learnt and completed the G1 level of robotics course from Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd. I am so happy that i can do my own robot in a basic level.I am so happy with the teachers method of teaching i got cleared all my doubts with the help of this teacher.

G.Hemachandar student from DAV school, T nagar

Very good & excellent. Nice teaching by the robotic teacher. Iwiz Android Robo taught me the basics of robotics functioning and programming.It created an interest about robotics, i would like to continue these classes in next level.

Muhilvarshan.S - Student from The Indian Public School,Erode

I am very thankful to this robotics staff and the company for teaching me the different ways of developing different purposed robots. I like this Class very much and i want to join more robotics classes in future.

Chtithrabanu.M - Mother of Students Muhil varshan and Piranav

I like this class very much, i am excited about how these kids are handling the tools and other mechanism materials also the sensors and other electronics devices.I hope this will help them to create their future in a better way.

R.Srininvasan - father of S.Varun

It is very useful for my son to concentrate in doing some manual things. It gives him more knowledge in making creative stuffs.

G.Chandrababu – father of C.Balaganesh

Good going keep it up.

Sngeetha.k – mother of S.P.Nikil Diwakar

My son was in some zeal right from the day 1 to last day of the course. We have never got any complaint that saying scolded by any of the trainers. Thanks to all the staffs. I don’t remember the name of the staff with whom I was in contact right from day 1. She is always good smiling and friendly. Management should retain people like them.

S.Thiyagarajan – father of T.Jawahar sriprakash

Initially he was not interested to attend the class. Later he has changed his mind and started to have classes 8 hours per day. He himself showed interest to continue this classes for next grades also.

P.Manjunath anand – student from a robo station

Good teaching by the trainers and they were friendly towards us.

M.Vinod Arul Jebanath – father of Vivivan V.Martin

My son enjoyed his course. He got ideas about motors, sensors etc. He has used all these devices and components in his summer holidays efficiently and enjoyed with his friends. The staffs encouraged him and explained very clearly about robotics.

A.Vigneshwaran – student from a robo station

I have completed the basic level robotic course in this centre. It was easy to do with all aspects of robot making. The teachers were very helpful and kind towards students.

G.Hemalatha – mother of S.Harshavardhan

Our child enjoyed a lot with this robotic class. He want to do the next level courses also. If possible please arrange weekend classes in this area.

K.Jaivarsha – student from a robo station

I have learnt many robots in this class. The teachers are very helpful and kind full with students.

S.Dharun – student from a robo station

The class was very interesting and enjoyable. It was a good fun and learn experience for me.

Tarun Kasa – student from robo station

The course was very informative and I learnt a lot about robots. The teacher was very helpful and kind full.

M.Ramasubramaniam - Father of R.K.Shyaam ganesh

This course enabled my son to give wings to his creativity. He was always fascinated by machines and Iwiz Android Robo tunnelled his passion for machines further. I love the way in which the kids were trained. All the best for creating future scientists. I am looking forward to put him in more robotic courses.

Sunitha sujith – mother of Aaryen s Raaj

The class was really good. I could see him teaching & telling about what he has learnt to all his friends.

S.Thaarun - student from a robo station

This class was really good. It induces creativity in young minds like me.

M.Sreenivasalu Rao – father of M.Tushar

Very good comprehensive course designed for young students. Students were able to understand the basic concept and build, program basic robotic concept. The centre equipped with good talented and enthusiastic teachers to patiently guide and train very young students. Definitely my son will continue to learn more about robotics with your robotics course.

Sreeprad – student from a robo station

Everything is good with this robotic course also with this centre.

S.Alwin – father of Nikil Aaron.A

My son basically is a very inquisitive person, he always had curiosity to learn about machines and its mechanisms. Iwiz seemed to be a right place that altered to my son’s thirst for understanding the basics of robotics. Beyond the content of the course it was the faculties methodology that makes it more interesting. My appreciation to their encouragement, patience and guidance. Thanks a lot to Iwiz.

B.Beena – mother of E.Tony Christ

Good stuff for active mentality of students. He got interesting thoughts in learning about science. He has dropped many childish, naughty activities and started to search for new things with scientific back ground. Thanks a lot to Iwiz.

S.Rajesh – student from robo station

I have learnt a lot about robotics. It was a good fun and learn experience. I am getting more ideas about robotics now, it makes me more interested to learn more about robotics. Thank you very much Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd.

S.Varun – student from a robo station

I enjoyed this class well. In beginning of the course I felt difficult to handle the tools and components, but after completing 2 or 3 robots I got the skills about handling tools and components for any circumstances. Now I am looking forward to learn more about robotics.

Sornalakshmi Shankar – mother of Adaikkalam Raja.S

Hope my son enjoyed well in this summer vacation with your robotic course. Your teaching method is really effective and teachers are friendly towards students. Your Rover concept and its program makes it easy and clear for student to understand about NASA’s MARS Rover Bot.

Kalpana devi – mother of S.B.Trbhuvan

T am very much satisfied about this course and your schedules. Looking forward for your cooperation and guidance to develop his skills in robotics.

C.Balaji – father of B.Sai Krishna

I am thankful to your teachers for their excellent training. I wish to inform you that this course gives concentration & patience to my child. We want to continue with more levels of robotic curses. Please inform us if there is any competition to participate for my kid.

S.Gowtham prakash – brother of S.Sharan

My brother is such an energetic always to do scientific activities. He was interested in robotics. I found this to be a great opportunity to his interest. Apart from robotic skills, it has developed the capability to handle different materials very effectively, which I feel is most needed for young kids these days. Apart from training I found the staff being kind full. They were even more informative than other training centres.

B.Manjula – mother of B.Rahul

My kid loves to come to your centre every day. The teachers are very helpful, kind full towards students, and they explain every concepts very well . My kid got some creative skills about robotics after attending your classes. Thank you very much.

A.Jayalakshmi – mother of A.Dwarak , A.Aditya gokul

An important course for school kids. My sons have finished their second level course in robotics. They learned a lot about robotics. Their own robot creation makes them more confident and enhances creativity. I specially thank the staffs for their guidance, patience and support for the past two years.

S.Sajeev – student from robo station

This summer was really good. The teachers explained clearly about each and every concept. All the materials required were given properly.

Manju priya – mother of Amruthaa.S

Amruthaa enjoyed her classes well. Teachers were very friendly. Flexible timings suits all needs. Thank you so much Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd.

Vishwak – student from a robo station

I joined in Grade 1 level of robotic course and enjoyed well. I learnt some basics about robotics also how to create new designs of robots. Our teachers helped a lot and accompanied with us to create new concepts in making robots.

Baskar – father of justin

The course was very useful for my son. He learnt something and he wants to keep learning continuously. Thanks to the staffs for being helpful and supportive.

Sangeetha Rajesh – mother of R.Sanjeshwar

My son enjoyed the class well, the teachers were very friendly and co-operative. It helped my son to improve his knowledge in science.

Sampathkumar – father of Nandakumar.S

Nandakumar have finished the grade 1 robotic course and he felt that the course made him to think innovatively and to apply the skills he acquired during this training. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity given to my son.

Khasim – father of K.Mohammed Adnaan

My son is very interested in learning Robot and he want to learn more about robotics. Thank you.

G.Selvi gokul – Mother of G.Divya lakshmi

I am very happy to join my children in the robotic class. Now my children can learn many things and create many ideas. I appreciate teacher’s coordination.

A.Infant Rohan – student from robo station

I am so happy about that I have completed the basic level robotic training program with Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd. My aim is to become an robotic engineer. Thank you.

R.Gokul – student from robo station

I am quite happy about the curriculum and concepts. The teacher environment and infrastructure is complete and satisfactory. The teacher is friendly and help full towards every student. The class room atmosphere is also good. I am so happy to join in next levels of robotic courses.

K.K.Araind – student from robo station

It was an excellent time being here with robots and friends. I was curious about knowing next robot. The teachers were friendly , kind full , and help full towards children.

Mahalakshmi – mother of K.Athreya

Athreya has always been interested in mechanism. This course had given him a platform to explore and understand something that has just been only his interest. Also this course has made his summer holidays worthwhile.

S.Muthu anitha – mother of Abishek.S

Excellent teaching. He learnt a lot about robotics.

M.N.Gokul – student from robo station

He enjoyed the course and has learned some basics about robotics.

K.Hemalatha – mother of G.Jitheshwaran

We are satisfied with this course. It improves my child’s creative skill. The staffs are dedicative, kind full impressive for every student. We expect year long course in this centre.

R.Sridhar – father of S.Balavignesh

He have enjoyed the class well .We hope we could enrol him in subsequent grades.

G.Arun –d student from robo station

It was a nice experience. I have learned about new concepts . It could be comfortable if more Computers are there for programming.


Course was very useful and conducted well. My kid have learned things in a effective way. Our thanks to the staff for keeping the child interested throughout the course.

P.Harinivas – father of H.Kavin prasanna

My son was very much interested to join in this course. He has completed the course as he was very eager to join in this course. In this centre staff also so good. He guided our child very nicely. After finishing this course he has started to analyse about much more electronic toys available in my home. Thank you very much.

Muthusamy.K – father of M.Purvik narayan

It was a wonderful learning platform about robotics. My son spent the whole vocation period as useful one.

G.Bhuvaneswari – mother of S.Prasanna venkatesh

I wish to thank one and all who is running this institute successfully. After finishing the course he got much creativity and imaginary skills. He is very much interested to join in next level course. I hope I am guiding him in a right way. My heart full thank to trainers.

Sivapriya srinivasan – mother of S.S.Aravindhan

I think this is one of the best course to develop and stimulate creativity of a child. He is enjoying the course very much. Wish you most and more for the success.

Yogita.H.Lad - mother of Paarth Hemant lad

Thanks for this course, which is fastest developing field among the every field of today’s technologies. Definitely my son paarth lad was enjoying this course. He learned a lot. He is also interested to join next levels of robotic course. My son have got fun and learn experience from this centre. It was a new experience from this course. Teaching was good when we saw the students were answering for the all questions asked to teacher. Thanks to teacher also.

G.Bhanu rekha – mother of G.Haridutt

The robotic course is a good option among the many extracurricular activities available now. Robotics is expanding exponentially in today’s technology dependant world. The tutor was good, encouraging and friendly to the kids. My child really enjoyed this training and making his robots here. I believe that he will continue studying here.

U.Shanthi – mother of Kaarunya Shekar

The course was very interesting and informative. My child enjoyed making her own robot models.

Advik Bargoti – student from robo station

I like this class very much. I am interested in learning more about robotics. I wish I will find such classes in other places and other cities too.

Shanthi – mother of Avyyukt Ajith

My son is very interested in computer programming & Robotics. W were searching for a centre nearby and happy to have found one nearby & a good centre as well. My son was very happy, enthusiastic. He has learnt basic level course. We are happy with the teaching. We would be interested in pursuing subsequent grades on a regular basis post school hours or on weekends. We want the centre to help the kids participating in competition & make them go national & international levels and bring that kind of exposure.

V.Ganapathy Raman – father of student G.R.Anirudh

It was a good experience for my son. He has got introduced well in to the robotic world. Please engage the next levels of your robotic courses in Tambaram. Thank you.

Muthusivasooriyan – father of student M.Karthik Balaji

This course was very useful for igniting my child’s intellect. He seemed to have really enjoyed the course a lot. It would also be useful for him for participating in various Robotic competitions. This course seemed to have increased his creativity a lot. Now he knows a lot about robotics and this would help him a great deal in the future.

Samdaniel.H – student from robo station

My teacher made me to understand every aspects of making robots. It was very nice training. I enjoyed well by making my own robot.

R.Senapathi – father of student S.Lalith chandran

A very good and useful course for children who want to become a good technician , engineer and even a scientist also whoever interested in science. It teaches basics of robotics. It needs talent to build their own robot, this course helps in pulling up that talent. They get innovative ideas to build new robots. They need more courses like this to know and learn more about robotics. My son is very much interested with next level courses in robotics. The facilities and teacher are very good and cooperative.

V.Jayashree – Mother of student V.Vijaygovind

The teacher has taught well. My son has got both fun and learn experience. It is useful for him. Thank you very much for this good course.

Yoganath – father of student Dyaneshwar.Y

This course was very useful and innovative. He likes this course very much and willing to take next levels. It will be very great full if we have a full time course in Tambaram.

A.Naresh kumar – student from Robo Station

It was a good learning experience in this robotic training centre. It was very useful by the way that we can apply our skills practically that we got from our school. It was very fun and enjoyable in this class. We had a good encouraging teacher.

G.Gnanasekaran – father of student Sabarisaatvik.K.G

We want regular week end classes in Tambaram.

B.Baskaran – father of student B.Gurucharan

My son have enjoyed the course well. It is very useful. He is able to do his own robot now. Now a days he is trying dismantle his toys and to reset the same.

K.Karunanidhi – father of student K.Kathiresh

Excellent reception by the centre coordinator, whatever the doubts, he have cleared it. We expect one or two more days to have for this course. We want the company continue to give more levels of robotic courses in this same place. We want the company to reconsider about cost of the kit box. The overall course work from this training centre was excellent.

R.Ganesh – father of student R.G.Ajai

My kid had a very good learning experience in this robotics training centre. Taking care about student’s attitude and their discipline is admirable.After this course he is able to create new remote controlled robot, that was an amazing experience

Babu.s - Father of student B.Darshni

We are so happy with this robotic course.Good to see my child is creating her own robot.Looking forward to next level of robotic course.

Anuradha - Mother of student Srivatsan

My son heve enjoyed this course.Trainer was very friendly, yet to see the changes with my son.But he talks much about Robotics.

Vyshnavi - Mother of student Sai yashwanth

We are really happy to get my son trained in your institute.Training were more informative, his knowledge is accelerated through this,he enjoyed it well.Thank you so much

S.C.Bhavesh - student from a Robo Station

I have learned the mechanism of robots and how to program it.I had a wonderful season this year with learning robotics from Iwiz Android Robot Pvt Ltd.

Sidhartha satpathy - Father of student Rishab satpathy

It has been a delight to see the level of involvement & excitement that rishab has shown. He was given a very free environment with proper guidance to explore and create these Bots.Thanks for teaching him and helping him explore a new phase.